How do I Get Local Service and Support for My Business Telephone System?

Here’s the answer you’ve been looking for! Atcom is able to provide excellent in-person service for older telephone systems such as Avaya, Nortel, & Panasonic PBX’s. We do this through a strong network of local installers who are experts in troubleshooting analog and cabling issues. They are able to work with our senior techs remotely to troubleshoot even the most complex telephony issues. If our on-site tech doesn’t have the replacement parts you need we’ll get them shipped in as little as 1 day. As a result, your business doesn’t suffer any extra downtime.

And although we don’t support Mitel, NEC, Toshiba, or Samsung directly we do host a technical phone system forum that you are welcome to use for free! Here are some examples of customers we have helped in the last few months:


Canadian Vet Clinic Chain with Over 100 Locations

After let downs from a few different large telecom vendors, VCA landed with Atcom for Avaya support. They had this to say regarding our expertise on their Avaya PBX:  “Atcom is the most skilled and experienced partner we’ve worked with — which brings peace of mind as we make the transition companywide.” See the use case here.


Avaya IP Office Support for Law Office in Vancouver, BCAvaya J169 Telephone used in Cloud and VoIP office and business phone systems across Canada

This customer originally purchased their phone system from Algo which was later purchased by Digitcom. While Digitcom was going through their bankruptcy process the customer was unable to obtain the support they needed. We were able to quickly get a tech to site in order to resolve their problems and upgrade the phone system software to a supported release. The upgrade fixed an issue where they could not log in and make changes to the phone system programming.


Nortel Service for Church in Saskatoon, SKAtcom Nortel Service

A church in Saskatoon was unable to get service from their previous telephone company after a merger between providers took place. They had dropped some of their phone lines and were experiencing the wrong auto attendant greetings playing for callers. The client reached out to us and we were able to quickly get a tech to site who cross-connected their telephone lines to the correct ports of the KSU. He then remotely followed instructions from a senior tech in Calgary in order to sort out the programming issue.


Panasonic Changes for Developer in Winnipeg, MBPanasonic 521 Business phone

Although Panasonic phone systems have been discontinued, this client with about 80 phones needed help with programming changes after their former service company disappeared. We were able to support them remotely via Google Meet and walk through the simple name changes, voicemail resets, etc. As a bonus, we also provided a software upgrade which enabled many features they did not previously have access to!


Maintenance Contract for Multi-site Avaya IP Office with Voicemail Pro in Mississauga, ON

Our new client was formerly a customer of Digitcom and as a result of the bankruptcy needed a maintenance contract with a new provider. Atcom is an authorized Avaya dealer with an ample inventory of spare equipment. Therefore, we offered a solid maintenance contract which covered all sites. After a discovery service call at each location, the support transition was seamless. The customer now has a unique 24 hour emergency toll-free number to call in case of after hours trouble.


Past Project: Replace PBX For Entire Ski Village

Panorama Mountain Resort was in need of a new voice solution for their ski village. A difficult to maintain and aging Nortel system put their many hundreds of extensions at risk. Atcom was thrilled to present an Avaya IP Office solution that fit their niche perfectly! Here’s what Panorama staff had to say about the experience: “I was really impressed with the knowledge Atcom had,” recalls Reilly. “It was about as seamless and painless of a process as I could have imagined for replacing such a major component of the resort. I really can’t say enough about just how good those guys were during the deployment and with continuing support.” Read the full article on Avaya’s website!


We would love to help you as well – give us a call at 1 (888) 515-3707 to get Atcom working for you today.