Voice and data cabling is the backbone of your office infrastructure. At Atcom we believe that properly installed wiring and a tested network means reliable business operations, healthy communications, and great client relations. This means neatly arranged wiring, as a messy install can result in interference and slower data transfer. You can be confident in our work as our cable installations come with warranties and our assurance that you get the best we can offer.

Leviton Certified

• Best ROI (return on investment)
You can find more expensive network parts than Leviton, but you can hardly beat the quality.
• Large product range – Leviton offers parts for Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A, MM Fibre, SM Fibre, shielded copper, cable management, patch cords, patch panels, and wall plates.  You can be positive that Leviton will supply all the parts you’ll need now and in the future, and ensure compatibility.
• Excellent innovation
Leviton has developed such advancements as “retention force technology”, “10G cone of silence”, and “shielded connectivity” in their jacks.  Their many years of experience in the industry allows them to remain a leader in data network research and development.

Our experience saves you money

We have years of experience installing voice and data cabling.  We started back when token ring coax networks and Category 3 voice cabling were the norm, but have progressed with technology over the years. This means that we work efficiently and effectively and can offer a very competitive price for our work.

We properly test our installation

Atcom tests data cable installations with Fluke Cable Certifiers – ensuring that your network cable will last as long as you need it to.

We offer excellent service

Our website has an automated booking system which allows you to pick the exact time and date you’d like us to arrive when booking a service call.

We use high quality parts

Many cabling contractors will install the cheapest wire and jacks they can find.  We don’t subscribe to that practice.  We use brand name cable from reputable wholesalers and high-quality Leviton jacks, wall plates, and patch panels.  The jacks we typically use are the highest quality Category 5E jacks that Leviton makes – the 5G110 model.  These jacks contain polymer relief springs which help the jack pins last longer and sustain less damage when an RJ11 plug is inserted into an RJ45 jack.