This page shows some of the on-premise PBX equipment available – if you would like to explore cloud-based VoIP phones instead please click HERE

Atcom is one of the rare telephone companies in Canada able to supply and implement just about any model of SIP telephone on the marketplace. Whether you’d like to use the Grandstream GXP2200 Desktop Android phone, the GXV3175 for video calling, the Polycom IP7000 for excellent conference calls, or the 6739i for a touchscreen phone with Bluetooth capability we can build you an end-to-end communications system that improves the efficiency of your business – often for a lower cost than you might think!

Atcom chooses to focus on delivering business phone solutions, products, and integrations to support the busy professional. We are not distracted by a myriad of consumer offerings or unrelated products. Atcom delivers the highest quality and most innovative VoIP products, features, and capabilities combined with unprecedented support that ensures our long-term customer success.

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