Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol” and differs from traditional phone systems in that the phone calls are routed across computer networks rather than needing dedicated wires for each telephone. VoIP can be used for either the outside lines or the internal telephone handsets – or both. The main advantages of VoIP center around cost savings and flexibility in deployment.

If you decide to go with an on-premise telephone system you will need the PBX (phone server) and telephone handsets. You may also need POE switches for VoIP phones. If you decide to go with a hosted phone system you will need telephone handsets (sometimes included for free) and POE switches. We would be happy to provide additional details to assist with your decision!

Ordering phone lines can be the most time consuming part of ordering a new phone system can be arranging the phone lines – this takes up to 1 month in some cases. Next, the telephone equipment needs to be ordered about 2 weeks before going live. Finally, a day or two is usually spent installing and preparing the new equipment before going live. The cut over from the old system to the new one can happen instantaneously if we are switching from analog to VoIP lines.