Calgary Telephone Company

Fortunately for the customer there are a number of telephone companies available to service the Calgary area. But how do you choose one?

1) Make sure they are located in Calgary! Seriously, many companies from Toronto or Vancouver masquerade themselves as having locations in Calgary when in fact they do not.

2) If purchasing a new phone system, you may want to select one that can be serviced by many different companies rather than being locked into a more obscure system that limits you to one or two service providers, or to very small tech companies.  The more common brands (including some we do not service ourselves) are Avaya, Panasonic, Mitel, Cisco, and Asterisk based systems such as FreePBX.  The less common ones are Toshiba, NEC, Comdial, Samsung, Shoretel, and Zultys.

3) You probably want to browse the selection of phone companies in Calgary and find one that provides online support such as User Guides, etc.

4) Try to determine how reliable the ongoing support will be from the Calgary phone company you are investigating.  Do they have more than 1 technician or will you be left in a lurch during holidays, etc? How do you book a service call – is there an online tool to do so which allows you to pick a convenient date/time?

5) Ask for references! Business telephone service companies should be able to provide at least 2 glowing references from existing customers about the same size as your own.