You’re moving your business across town or across the street, and with that, your office IT and phone equipment. In a small to medium-sized business, the task of coordinating this relocation often falls to the owner, an executive, or office manager—not technical specialists. To minimize the amount of downtime and potential chaos during the move, consider calling Atcom Systems before unplugging your desk phones.

We can arrange for your phone lines and internet to be moved, as well as the relocation of your phone system. Give us a call before moving day and we will ensure compatibility and arrange to have a technician move your system. We will coordinate the entire process, ensuring a successful & stress-free move.

The moving process starts with a thorough inventory of current IT and telecom assets, their functions, connections, power sources, and cooling requirements.

You can free up more rack space (and save on the move) by ditching unused servers, and consolidating those with low usage rates into virtual servers on one physical machine. This may also be the time to update your servers, gaining faster, more elastic computing capacity and newer operating systems. Or, use this opportunity to make the switch from an on-premises phone system to a cloud VoIP provider to go completely hosted.


We’ll guide you through the process of ordering the correct telephone and data connections at the new space. In some cases, you may be able to use your existing phones on the new system. On moving day we’ll send a technician to move your telephone system with as little down time as possible. Staying in touch with callers during a move is a non-issue to those using cloud phone systems. With a cloud phone system, your phone number can be configured to ring any IP-connected extension, anywhere—on a computer, desk phone, or mobile softphone app. Some providers even allow multiple endpoints registered to the same user to ring simultaneously, so employees don’t have to worry about not having a desk phone on moving day.

If moving within the same geographical area, you can keep the phone number your customers know (and the one on your business cards, all other printed and online marketing materials, not to mention contact lists).

Need help moving your IT equipment? Atcom will connect you with IT professionals who create a seamless transition from one office to another.