How to use SMS Text Messaging for Business Phone Numbers

Questions about using SMS for business have risen greatly in the last year or so. We’ve received inquiries from all kinds of organizations including non-profits, medical, retail, and service enterprises. You may be wondering if SMS texting is something you should enable for your own business phone number. Here’s some info we hope will help!


AtcomCloud SMS Texting

Mobile App SMS screenshot

If you are already an AtcomCloud customer we have good news – texting can be added to your business numbers for only $2/month! We have user guides that describe SMS texting for users with direct lines as well as fielding text SMS messages for queues (including auto-replies). All you need to do is contact us by phone, email, SMS, or chat to get started right away.


SMS Text Over Email

Even with a traditional telephone system using analog lines or PRI there are 3rd party services to enable text messaging via email. Check out S2T or simply Google “SMS text over email” to shop the various 3rd party services offering this feature. Prior to having our own SMS functionality, Atcom used a 3rd party email service at a cost around $20/month.


SMS via other Cloud Providers

Most business cloud phones providers have an SMS option that can be added to your business phone numbers. Check with your current provider to determine cost and functionality of their unique offer.


Outgoing A2P 10DLC SMS Registration for the USA

In the United States many wireless carriers have joined an effort to curb spam SMS messages. The CTIA Website contains details of the program. Businesses that intend to send mass outgoing SMS texts should register their business and campaign via their SMS provider. Failing to do so will result in poor delivery rates and/or messages being marked as spam. So far this program does not extend into Canada.


SMS for Contact Centers

Fielding incoming text messages in a contact center (also known as a call center) is a whole different ballgame. However, the benefits can be enormous! In this day and age our customers want to reach us by whatever method they find most comfortable. This includes phone calls, emails, SMS texting, website chats, or social media like Facebook or What’s App, etc. In a contact center environment the ability to handle incoming requests on most or all of these methods is typically referred to as “Omni Channel”. Atcom is able to offer a variety of solutions that up your business game to Omni Channel via a number of potential providers. These include Avaya AXP, Xima Chronicall, 8×8, Dialpad, and many more! We would be more than happy to discuss the pros and cons of each one and help you on the journey to finding the perfect fit for your unique business.