Setup a VoIP Doorbell or Doorphone for Your Business VoIP Door Phone

We run across businesses from time to time with a need to keep their front door locked. The practical question that arises is: How do we let authorized guests or couriers in? Sometimes you simply see a homemade sign that says “Please call this number for access”. However, a more elegant solution is to install a doorphone that works somewhat like an apartment entry intercom.

How to Connect a VoIP Doorbell

A VoIP Doorbell with two-way speaker communications (also referred to as a doorphone) is a good way to establish communications with a visitor at one of your exterior doors. You can get consumer grade doorbells from companies such as Ring, Ubiquiti, etc. but for business the way to go might be a commercial grade doorphone. One such example is the Algo 8028. The main benefits of a doorphone like this are:

  • Simple to use – a simple button push for your visitors
  • Simple to answer – the doorphone calls a group of telephones (possibly including cell phones) and the first to answer speaks with your visitor
  • Can unlock the door – controllers such as the Algo unit can be setup to release your electronic lock if the staff member who answers pushes a specific digit on their phone
  • Widely compatible – the Algo 8028 acts as a SIP endpoint for either your on-premise phone system or your cloud-based VoIP system
  • Weather resistant – the exterior unit has a 3R NEMA rating

What Type of Wiring is Needed for a VoIP Doorbell

The controller requires a typical Cat5 or better network connection (with internet access if connecting to the cloud). If your network connection has POE, the controller can be powered over that single cable. Wiring between the controller, which can be located anywhere inside your building, and the speaker only needs to be a single pair of 24 gauge wire. Typical doorbell wiring is fine for this purpose.