DSL Internet now available in Western Canada

Atcom offers high speed copper DSL internet to most business customers in B.C. and Alberta!


DSL Modem

Why DSL Internet may work well for Business VoIP

DSL can be the perfect internet connection to run business grade VoIP telephone communications. The factors that make such a difference are reliable upload speed and stable quality of the Digital Subscriber Line connection. This in turn eliminates problem areas for VoIP such as packet loss and jitter – both of which can make voice communications sound quite poor. However, it is likely necessary to keep regular personal computer internet traffic off the DSL connection that is being used for voice by using VLAN’s.

How DSL Internet Work?

DSL is short for “Digital Subscriber Line“. DSL Internet is provided by a unit in the central office called a DSLAM. It sends network signals over a single pair of copper wires (can share with a telephone line) at much higher speeds than the old 36,000 Baud modems you might remember from when the internet was young! The higher speeds are accomplished by automatically “tuning” the devices to the specific electrical characteristics of each unique line. Even higher speeds are now available by bonding multiple DSL connections together.

The service is delivered to DSL modem or an integrated router that includes WiFi at the customer end.

How Much Does DSL Internet Cost?

Here is our pricing structure as of the publication date:

Business Pricing – AB/BC as of May 1, 2023
Theoretical access speed (download/upload) MTM 1Y 3Y
Atcom DSL Internet 15/1 Mbps  $       74.00  $       64.00  $       59.00
Atcom DSL Internet 25/5 Mbps  $       79.00  $       69.00  $       64.00
Atcom DSL Internet 50/10 Mbps  $       84.00  $       74.00  $       69.00
Atcom DSL Internet 75/15 Mbps (bonded)  $       94.00  $       89.00  $       84.00
Atcom DSL Internet 100/20 Mbps (bonded)  $     119.00  $     104.00  $       99.00
Atcom DSL Internet 150/25 Mbps (bonded)  $     124.00  $     124.00  $     119.00
Static IP addresses (5 IPs)  $       12.00  $       12.00  $       12.00
Optional Router (T3200) – one time (currently waived)  $            –  $            –  $            –
Changes and modifications to plan  $       30.00  $       30.00  $       30.00
Expedite installation  $     400.00  $     400.00  $     400.00

How Can I Get Atcom DSL Internet for My Business?

Give us a call or email the address at the top of the page! We’ll pre-qualify your address for availability and let you know ASAP how soon to expect installation, etc.

We look forward to serving you.