Get the Best VoIP Phone System for Medical Offices

According to ChatGPT, here are some common frustrations medical offices face with their telephones and how they could be resolved by a VoIP Phone System for Medical Offices:

  1. High call volumes: Medical clinics may receive a high volume of calls from patients, which can make it difficult for staff to manage and respond to every call promptly.
  2. Long hold times: Patients may be placed on hold for extended periods, leading to frustration and potentially driving them to seek medical care elsewhere.
  3. Limited availability: Patients may only be able to reach medical offices during limited hours, making it difficult for them to schedule appointments or get the care they need.
  4. Missed calls: Medical offices may miss important calls, such as from patients or other medical providers, due to high call volumes or limited availability.
  5. Privacy concerns: Medical offices must maintain strict privacy and security standards to protect patient information, which can make it challenging to manage phone calls and messages.
  6. Inadequate technology: Medical offices may be using outdated phone systems that lack essential features, such as call routing, voicemail, and appointment scheduling.
  7. Staff training: Medical office staff may need training to effectively manage phone calls, especially when dealing with sensitive or urgent medical issues.

By addressing these common frustrations, medical offices can improve patient care, reduce staff stress, and streamline operations. This can be achieved by implementing technology solutions that address high call volumes, improving availability, providing secure communication channels, and enhancing staff training.

VoIP Phone System for Medical Offices – The AtcomCloud VoIP Phone System Solves Frustrations!VoIP Phone System for Medical Offices

High call volumes

Our VoIP system streamlines how medical reception staff handle calls with advanced call queues, Bluetooth headset compatibility and cordless phones, and scalability to add staff during peak times/seasons.

Long hold times

Similarly, AtcomCloud VoIP phones reduce hold time by equipping staff to deal with calls efficiently. Older phone systems often required reception staff to put their current caller on hold each time a new call arrived. They would then put the new call on hold and return to the original caller. This was a very inefficient way to do things and led to frustration for both the caller and the call taker! Our system auto-answers the new calls, lets the caller know they are in priority sequence, and only delivers the call to reception phones when they are not on existing calls.

Limited availability

With AtcomCloud business VoIP telephones medical clinics with multiple locations can utilize staff at other locations to take calls and book appointments on behalf of a location that may be closed or busy. Doing so leads to higher patient satisfaction and care.

Missed calls

Where appropriate you can enable specific voicemail boxes that email a text transcription of your callers message to a physician, nurse, or group of staff thanks to AtcomCloud VoIP technology.

Privacy concerns

AtcomCloud data and traffic stays with the borders of Canada. We can enable encrypted VoIP communications between your site and the VoIP servers which provides a higher level of security than traditional analog phone lines.

Inadequate technology

Aging phone systems are often difficult to administer and update, leading to outdated phone messages and ringing schedules. In addition, older phones may not allow you to use a cordless headset effectively. Newer VoIP technology usually provides better at-a-glance call information and quicker call transfers. Our AtcomCloud VoIP phone system is intuitive and easy to administer.

Staff training

As part of our expert VoIP implementation, we will provide staff training and best practices in terms of telephone operation. This frees up your supervisory staff to focus on training for patient communication protocols.


VoIP Phone System for Medical Offices – Put Our VolP Expertise To Work For You!

Atcom’s existing multi-site medical customers are great case studies in utilizing VoIP communications for the best patient outcomes. There are some game changing ways newer VoIP technology outperforms older business phones system technology.

  • Call statistics – clinic managers now have real data to verify the need for additional personnel at peak times
  • Text-to-speech – informational greetings in the auto attendant are updated by simply editing the typed out text of what the greeting should say
  • Backup receptionist – calls are overflowed to another site during busy periods
  • Mobility – cordless phones and cordless headsets are more widely available
  • Privacy – physicians are able to call or text from their smart phones using a clinic phone number (without revealing their own cell phone numbers)
  • Web administration – open hours and greeting messages can be changed off-site via simple web portal; especially useful during snow days or unforeseen circumstances


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