VoIP Monitoring Tool

Atcom is pleased to announce availability of a new VoIP Monitoring Tool! A small POE powered VoIP appliance continually simulates VoIP phone calls via the internet. Results exist on a cloud server which can emails alerts when numbers exceed a given threshold. Read more on the manufacturer’s website here. Let’s go through some examples of the data that is gathered.


VoIP Monitoring Tool – Statistics Graph

The graph of ongoing VoIP stats looks like the screenshot below. As you can see we graph MOS, latency, jitter, and packet loss. Best of all, these stats are measured in both directions. I’m sure you can imagine the usefulness of this report when troubleshooting reports of poor voice quality from a particular site!

VoIP Statistics Graph


VoIP Monitoring Tool – Network Assessment Summary

This is the first page of our VoIP Network Assessment Test. The sample taken was from an LTE connection used for VoIP traffic which is demonstrated by the lower than average upload/download speeds. However, the connection is healthy for VoIP and you can see that the firewall won’t give us trouble in terms of SIP ALG or Double NAT.

VoIP Network Report

VoIP Codec Test

VoIP Monitoring Tool – Codec Simulation

Next we have test results using a specific codec with a simulated number of concurrent calls. In this example the Average Packet Loss would be of concern because even a small percentage (0.17%) will be slightly noticeable during a VoIP call. However, the MOS score is still above 4 which is usually considered good.




VoIP Monitoring Tool – MOS and R-Factor

Finally we have an element of the VoIP Network Assessment that summarizes MOS and R-Factor. MOS stand for “Mean Opinion Score” and is measured on a scale of 1-5. R-Factor is a similar measurement but is measured on a scale of 0-120. Both measure the expected user satisfaction with a phone call under the tested conditions. As a result, MOS above 4 or R-Factor above 80 indicate that you would expect full user satisfaction with VoIP phone calls. Even better, MOS above 4.3 or R-Factor above 90 indicate that you would expect users to be “very satisfied”.

VoIP MOS Score


How to Get the VoIP Monitoring Tool

Contact Us if you’d like to start using our VoIP Monitoring Tool today! Pricing is expected to be around $39/month in $CAD. Consequently, the service will quickly prove worthwhile when dealing with troublesome ISPs who require real world data!