New one on me. Full disclosure, this is a single family house where the landlord had his elderly mother living downstairs and a tenant on the second floor. Elderly mother either passes away or goes into a nursing home so he rents to my wife's aunt.

Auntie Maria calls Cablevision (or Optimum, Altice or whatever they call themselves this month) to have phone, internet and TV installed. Apparently the old lady who previously lived there had none of that so the installer wires the place, runs a new drop, sets up WiFi and router and cable box and leaves with everything working.

That night the lady who lives upstairs comes down and asks if Auntie Maria had the cable company here because hers was no longer working. Now, she has Verizon FiOS. So Auntie Maria suggests that there must be some mistake. Maybe the installer cut some of your cables by mistake.

So the lady upstairs calls Verizon and a tech shows up to repair her service. Now Auntie Maria has no service!

Auntie Maria calls Cablevision (in Bangladesh apparently) and is told that there was no mistake- only one account is allowed per address. WHAT? If that were true 90% of my customers wouldn't be able to get service. I have two Optimum accounts here in my house. Forget about this situation where one account was Cablevision and the other Verizon.

First thought was that she is in the middle of some pissing match between companies but neither Verizon or Cablevision will create two accounts for that address. And, what gives one companies techs the right to disconnect the other? Never heard of such thing. If I were there that installer wouldn't have made it to his truck.

Apparently Auntie Maria asked to speak to a supervisor but was told none was available. Probably all out washing down the elephants or water buffalo.


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