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Re: 2 wire Bogen with 4 Wire Valcom Silversam 4 hours ago
My apologies for being offline so long. Medical issues got in the way.

Are you still having the problem? Have you gotten anywhere with the trouble shooting?

The formula is P=V(squared)/Z

P is the power of the Amp in Watts

V(sq) on a 70.7 Volt system is 70.7 x 70.7, or almost exactly 5000 (

Z is the Minimum impedance of the circuit

So with a 240Watt amp you should see:

240 = 5000/ 21

So you should be reading NO MORE THAN 20 or 21 ohms. If you're reading 0 then maybe you've got a dead short out there - or more likely a speaker hooked up without a transformer.

Try breaking one of the speaker runs in the middle and testing both ways. See what you can find.

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Re: SV9100 on VLAN Coral Tech 8 hours ago
Clearly a switch issue. Check port settings on that switch. Easiest way is to swap a phone to a working port.
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Re: What to do about old/obsolete equipment? JBean3329 9 hours ago
Worst case, you can hit up Tri Tower Telecom. They have an excess buy-back program that we send a lot of our stuff to.

Tri Tower Telecom/Services
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Re: TDA50 /TVS50 two-way recording setup Carl Navarro 23 hours ago
FWIW I found the tech bulletin on the OPTN programming. I'll put it somewhere.
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Re: ITP5121D Software Versions CyberLaw 09/21/23 03:09 PM
Same thing I said to him. I've never seen 3.39 in any of the phones I've put out. I do recall ordering an ITP via internet and I believe it also had 3.39 and didn't work.
He does have VLAN in the network he is working with, but we downgraded both of them to 3.37 and they worked in my office. I haven't heard from him, so I am assuming it worked for him.
FYI. I did fire up both of them on my network and they wouldn't pull DHCP or register to PBX... I'd really like to know where that 3.39 software comes from, I'd like to "play" with it. wink
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Re: Panasonic P/Ns with added X? DonaldR 09/20/23 09:19 AM
For anyone else who might be curious. I just received an answer from the retailer. I've been assured that it is the same product for US/EU etc.

It also can be returned if for some reason it will not work.

The price is was as the card is *new* and it's priced almost 24% below RRP.

At this point it pays to shop until you almost drop. excited
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Re: ACTU3 Carlos#1 09/20/23 06:43 AM
We have sold all of our ACTU3 processors now sorry.
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Re: Toshiba Strata DX280 Extension Dialing from Auto-Attendant Issue Carlos#1 09/20/23 06:31 AM
As David said check the DTMF receiver (RRCS) board on the Processor (RCTU) and make sure the correct one is selected in P03 slot 00
90 = 0 DTMF
91 = 4 DTMF
92 = 8 DTMF
93 = 12 DTMF

Also check the P31 has FB15-20 enabled on the SLT ports for the voicemail.
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Re: Music on hold player Nel tech Professor Shadow 09/19/23 08:33 PM
State or Federal...which has better bennies?

In looking at the diagram it looks like you could use a CD player on continuous play with the headphone output to Channel A input then Channel A output to the MOH input on the system. You would just need to get the appropriate adapters. Also a word of WARNING: Use Mono cables and not Stereo.
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Re: 7200S More Issues RM SYSTEMS 09/19/23 05:54 PM
Thanks. It appears reboot is causing other issues. Going to replace processor.
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Re: Installer retired. Gary S. 09/18/23 08:13 PM
I replaced the slt board last fall. They rang before i added the A.A. to answer.
Thanks, Gary S.
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KX-NT366 IP RRP? DonaldR 09/18/23 04:10 AM
Seems the Panasonic KX-NT366 IP phone was manufactured at least to 2007.

My archived UCPs only go back to 2016.

Also does anyone know what the RRP and MAP were?

BTW any problems with this model IP phone that anyone can remember?

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Re: express messenger mistymaggie 09/17/23 03:37 PM
Thanks, Toner,
I was afraid of that, I seem to remember years ago, I was able to overwrite the greeting via copying an existing one, over with a new mp3 -but maybe it was another VM - key voice possibly

Thanks Again smile

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Re: Shame on Ubiquiti EV607797 09/17/23 08:31 AM
I seem to recall the pricing for their products being a bit on the high end as well.
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Avaya IPO 11.1 Tech Support Service Tech 911 09/16/23 02:57 PM
I am trying to see if someone is available today to give Tech support around 1:15Central Standard Time for DID's, AA and Building Users in an IP Office 11.1?
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Re: RCN Hosted Grandstream ATA Touch Tone Tommy 09/15/23 05:37 PM
I assume you've power cycled the ATA's? Grandstream 801's have a bad habit of unregistering but still showing lights. Go in through the GUI, go to the Advanced tab, and set them to automatically reboot every day at 1am
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OS7200S Phones Shut Down RM SYSTEMS 09/14/23 08:13 PM
Have a customer with 4.99 software and has 16DLI cards in slots 1,2,3. At least once a week some IDCS 28B phones stop working (blank screen).
Customer performs a card restart in 806 and phones come back up for a few days. Haven't nailed it down to one particular card. Thanks.
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Freepbx and Lumen phonman123 09/14/23 07:40 PM
Has anyone set up a Freepbx with Lumen services?

Looking for set up info, if possible.


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Re: test voicemail to email Toner 09/14/23 06:16 PM
I can't claim specific knowledge about Vertical but I did write a generic voicemail to email blog post here:
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Re: On premise recording for cloud PBX Toner 09/12/23 09:01 PM
I believe Xima could do it with VRTX in certain situations. As far as I know NICE does exactly that sort of thing by mirroring a port to/on your firewall.
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Re: Sip Trunk Invite issue SamsungCat 09/12/23 10:19 AM
Hi Lacota, The ISP doesn't happen to be Gamma does it?. We've had a few recently where nothing has been changed on the phone system or firewall, but there are suddenly issues with calls cutting off etc. after an endpoint migration, but Gamma insist it's nothing to do with them...
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Re: Analog fax with full IP network IPbx7400 ffej010 09/11/23 02:01 AM
Problem is, even with a traditional line, somewhere in the network I will almost guarantee that the call is getting converted to SIP. If the traditional POTS line is copper leaving the premise, it is most likely going back to a DSLAM or some neighborhood DLC where it is converted to IP. Most definitely is being converted to IP once it hits the local serving switch.
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Re: kx-ns700 911 routing based on ext OBT 09/10/23 10:33 AM
You can google the manual, ars is a dial number to route, not for emergency calls but can be programmed to send the numbers out the correct route.

When using it for different areas you will need to use tenants and class of service.

If one site is using one trunk provider to make all calls on, including 911 calls, then that is in a tenant that doesn’t have ars enabled,

If one site has a different line for 911 then it will need ars enabled on its tenant and the dial plan configuration to send 911 on the correct line. It is complex when you have not done it before so if you can send the site clip out on all calls, that should cover you for 911 calls.

Note: I know the USA have a lot stricter emergency policy than we have, so you have to make sure what ever you do is within those policies
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Re: Bell Sys 1A2 400D KTU morephones 09/08/23 10:09 AM
Just a idea......

I wonder if you get some 4" diameter heat shrink tubing. And make it short enough not to cover the handle and pins of the KTU. If that would help to prevent the green goo leaking onto any equipment. .
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Current Panasonic PBX link, who is it for? DonaldR 09/08/23 08:06 AM
The old Panasonic KMS link was replaced with this:


There is a Panasonic PBX link here:

Welcome to CS-KMS (PBX)

Is this for outside of the USA only? I emailed the address at the bottom of the page over a week ago and have not received a reply.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries.
Panasonic <>

Any ideas?

Thanks All...
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