Keep in mind everyone who is not familiar with Verizon's FiOS service, it uses a separate fiber-optic cable from a pole or pedestal terminal to the building. It's not until it enters their ONT that coaxial cable is used for TV services. There's no "fighting over the same COAX" in these situations. As Hal mentioned, the new tenant downstairs had the entire place wired new when she had her service installed. Her wiring and her service have nothing in common with the upstairs tenant.

In this instance, SOMEone made the determination to disconnect Verizon's fiber optic cable. That's teetering upon wiretapping charges in court, not to mention 911 liability issues had there been an emergency. There's NO way that any legitimate utility (and I use that term lightly when referring to CATV operators or Verizon) can legally go around disconnecting the facilities of their competitors'.