Hi All,

My name is Brad and I've been a member of this group since 2007. My company used to be a systems integrator / outsourced IT for small and medium businesses. My old posts on the Sundance forum are related to that previous life and seeking assistance for phone systems as I came across them. I started getting pretty good at the various systems I'd run into and started noticing the flaws in our business model, namely, once you properly fix it (as you very well should), you wouldn't really hear from that customer much more. That's obviously one of the finer points of break/fix ethics. But doesn't do us much financial good in the long run. Alas, I'd rather be a good person than a con artist. I bet many of my fellow Sundance members can relate... anyone

So, back in 2009, I began a new endeavor. We became a CLEC in Florida and started down the path of testing IP-based Centrex and providing a subscription-based telephone system where WE maintained all of the hardware and aimed to provide top-notch technology, coupled with incredible support -- unlike any of our competitors. Fast forward to today, the company is called Lightspeed Voice, and we serve thousands of customers across all 50 states with our "suite of business management tools"! Our satisfaction rate is in excess of 98% -- truly unheard of in telecom. We serve companies with users from 3 to 3,000, from SMB to overseas call centers. We own and operate all of our equipment from geo-redundant, tier-4 data centers, each with 10+ tier-1 ISPs, which are located in Atlanta and Seattle. Our corporate office is located in Nokomis, FL (just about an hour south of Tampa) and from here we do all sales and support (no overseas support here!). We have an amazing team who have helped build an amazing, loyal, and trusting customer base without any outside investment or long-term debt of any kind.

Anyway, I don't want to be tacky, and please forgive me if it comes across that way. I want you all to know a little background about our company because we're working to build a channel program. Since I came from the IT / communications world, I have a lot of respect and understanding for our industry. Personally, I believe that our industries can perfectly harmonize and that there is no one better to sell a VoIP service than a telephone guy (or gal). Please let me know if you (or someone you may know) is interested to learn more about Lightspeed Voice and our channel partner program. We offer a great incentive program for both referrals and resellers alike. We pay both SPIFF's and residual commissions (up to 20% of gross). It's expensive for us, but our viewpoint is that we're paying on business we wouldn't have otherwise.

We're great to work with: we offer 100% satisfaction guarantees, and support you every step of the way (sales and tech). Please either reach out to me personally, or to our channel development guy, Doug Paul. His contact info is dpaul (at) lightspeedvoice (dot) com, or 941-564-0031.

Thanks for reading!!


Lightspeed Voice is a company dedicated to "over-the-top" customer service and technological excellence.