I have an AIPhone, GF-1MD. I attached wires to it's buzzer, to the TAR-3.
- Black from TAR-3 to the buzzer and "-" on a 6V SKK-620B.
- Blue from TAR-3 to the buzzer
- Red from TAR-3 to the "+" on the 6V SKK-620B
One Orange from the TAR-3 to a strobe, the other Orange to the "+" of a 12V 0E-4CPW5A60W.
The "-" of the 12V 0E-4CPW5A60W to the other side of the strobe.
Near as I can tell, that's how it should be...Drawing Name 551-GF-Ext Sig, Drawing Number 1002-551
AIPhone acts interested in helping me but, really just keeps sending me the same documentation.

If I wire either of the power supplies I have to the strobe (6v or 12v) the strobe lights.
If I have everything wired like I wrote above, and short the connection to the phone from the TAR, light doesn't light. If I disconnect one of the wires to the phone, the light doesn't light.

Relay is in A position on the TAR.
I have tried swapping what I have connected to the buzzer in the phone. -/+