5330's on 3300.
Most of the phones have the dect headsets.
They want to do training.
I called Plantronics and they said to use (2) Encore Pro HW510'S, the Y Adapter Trainer 27019-03 and the A10-16 Direct Connect Cable.
I let the customer know and they asked if they can just go up to their phones that have existing DECT wireless headsets, plug the wired in and go?
I figure I'll need to put a Headset button on but, I try to avoid wired headsets...
I have a box of leftover quick connect cables and random plantronics headsets and an M22 adapter but I have yet to get any of these wired ones to work on my desk since I think they may or may not be good to begin with.

So, in general does anyone know if you can have a dect wireless headset on a 5330 and then walk up, plug a wired plantronics headset into the headset jack on the phone and then, use the wired one?