Ok, I feel like I'm missing a basic step somewhere...

This is a new system. NuPoint on the MiCollab server.
I changed the dialing plan on line group 1 from 3 digits to 4 digits. Changed the admin mailbox from 998 to 9998 and the attendant mailbox from 999 to 9999. Commit my offline config changes and then activated the offline config. It looks like everything saved and is correct. If I try to log in to either the admin or attendant mailbox he system responds with "That is not a valid mailbox". I get the same response if I try 998 or 9998.

If i look at the offline config for line group 1 it shows the mailboxes as 4 digit, 9998 and 9999.
If I just go to the mailboxes section of NuPoint and do a "Show All", I still see them as 998 and 999...

What am I missing?

Thank you