I've recently received a new sidecar display and connected it directly to the front of the Telecenter21 system. I dialed #55 and edited the system time and date so the clocks in a school would be correct and come into sync (clocks are wired to pull source time from the Tel21.)

I (as a trial) set the time to 11:59PM in hopes of seeing/hearing the system push the time update when the unit hit 2400hrs...in which, yes it did and the clocks advanced 1 full hour and stopped. I assume it would advance again the following top of the hour and so on till it matched...

However, I lost power to the unit (my own fault) and when it came back on...I could no longer see the proper time on the display not could I dial #55 to get to the clock editing! So, the system remains on the wrong time...again...

Any thoughts? Dialing #55 resulted in a fast busy tone. #91* for the clocks, fast busy, #94* for the schedule, fast busy etc

However, the page works just fine.

My assumption is that I was full of piss n vinegar to be done, I wasnt waiting enough time to allow the system to fully boot.

I am returning later tonight after I can put the Dad Hat back on the shelf and return to troubleshoot.

No one seems to have time to do it right but everyone has time to do it twice!