Ok first time i have come across this here in the UK. Customer had a BT switch it crashed and died so swapped it out for a CIX100 he called me next day said they were not getting the calling person number showing on externally forwarded calls anymore i didn't know you could. I had set up night service to ring 1 phone with a call forward ext button on it so they can program any destination they want under the button (so this uses 1 channel in 1 channel out). I have since found out they have a feature called call deflection set up on the ISDN2 that transfers the call when its back on the bt network it frees up the channels on the system and also puts the callers cli to the destination number. As its using 1 channel in and 1 channel out they are getting the office number now calling them. Is there any way to set up this call deflection on the CIX ?