Hi All,

I've inherited a Samsung iDCS 500 system with an office we acquired from another company (we mostly run Intertel/Mitel systems elsewhere which I'm very familiar with). The local company they had been using to maintain the system has left us in a lurch just as we're getting ready to open a small branch office which was supposed to be getting their phone service remotely via an MGI 16 card in the local system serving about 10 ITP-5107S phones. The MGI 16 is installed and looks to have had some basic config done, but we need to finish the job and get those remote phones set up and working (some as new extensions and some moving existing extensions to the remote IP phones).

Does anyone have a recommendation for a competent tech in the Phoenix area that can help us out, or is anyone here with plenty of experience with this willing to consult with us remotely to get it done (I can give remote access to the OfficeServ Manager, etc.)?

Failing that, I'm certainly willing to give it a go myself... plenty of Intertel experience as I noted as well as some Cisco and Asterix VoIP stuff, but the Samsung system still seems awfully foreign to me. If anyone has a good source of general documentation for the Samsung VoIP stuff or example setups you could point me to, that would be most appreciated as well! smile