Question of the day: Why Did My Voicemail to Email Quit Working?

This will be a hot topic over the next few weeks as Google implements a new restriction! Previously, free Gmail accounts could be used as the outgoing email server for business telephone systems. However, “less secure” app access has now been disabled for most free accounts. The announcement claimed this would happen on May 30, 2022 but we observed successful emails until June 6, 2022. If your telephone system relies on a Gmail account please find a new outgoing email server.

Office Phone on Desk used in business phone systems across Canada including Meridian, Nortel, Avaya IP Office, Cloud and VoIP phone systems

New Email Server Requirements


Most telephone systems require specific SMTP server information in order to utilize voicemail to email. The Avaya IP Office, for example, requires the following server and credential information:

  • SMTP Server address
  • Server security type (must be either unencrypted or TLS)
  • SMTP Server port number
  • Email address the phone system should use
  • Username/Password for account

Many businesses already use Office 365 for email. In most cases your IT person(s) will be able to add an account specifically for the phone system. One money saving tip is to share an email account between your photocopier and the telephone system – both would use the same credentials. Another solution would be to use a different free email service such as GMX. Simply setup an account and give the information to your telephone service company!


Is There any Way to Continue Using Gmail?

Yes, in some cases! Google will still allow outgoing SMTP emails with the following conditions:

  • Use a Google Workspaces for Business (paid account)
  • Turn on 2 factor authentication (known as 2FA) for the user
  • Finally, generate a specific app password for a “less secure app” – AKA your phone system

Follow this link for a guide on performing the above steps. We trust this information will prove helpful to your business telecommunications strategy!