Seems this is the week for PRI issues.

I have another customer using two PRI's for local and long distance. The Local PRI comes off of a qwest IA router and uses the first 12 channels and immulates a 5ESS switch. The Long Distance is connected to a DMS 250 switch. Clock sync is set to loop sync on the LD T-1 and local on the local T1.

The customer complains that when they make outbound calls, on the local T1, it will sometimes connect immediately, sometimes connect after about 10 seconds, sometimes just hang there, and sometimes disconnect.
In all cases, the switch appears to have gotten a valid trunk from the CO as it shows up as a completed call when I monitor it under the SMDR monitor function. The problem is not isolated to a particular trunk, at least not on my end. I have no errors whatsoever except a few slips and mis-frames, which are very low.

I am pretty sure this is a Qwest problem, but wanted to get any feedback about it. I think qwest has programmed their Intergrated Access router incorrectly.

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