I have a new to me AT&T SLC-96 in my lab that I am struggling with.

It's close but no cigar. It's setup for Mode 2. The A and C and P spans are all enabled, I've provisioned the 96 channels on my adjacent equipment and they all show enabled.
But when I go offhook on a line, I do not get anything. Not even battery. I can see brief alarm LED activity on the SLCs appropriate span if I pull/insert one of the line cards so it makes me think it's really close.

I was excited when I found this forum but have been having trouble registering. Maybe my employer is tossing verification emails from sundance into the bit bucket. Now I'm trying to register under my personal email account instead but I can't readily check personal email from the office.

Can you tell me if you have manuals in your library for this old SLC-96?

Marshall Kelly
Ribbon Communications

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