I have a site with an option 11 and I’m installing a PRI on tmdi card. They currently have a t1 on a tmdi card. I have the card installed and the circuit is up and running. However I have 2 issues
First I can call the DIDs on the new PRI and they ring in and u can answer them...but I’m not able to direct the calls with digit conversion. I’ve flagged idc in my route and pointed it to table 2. Then created idc table 2 but still no luck it rings to the main phone for the facility
Another big issue is I can’t make outbound calls. I dial a number and I get silence then disconnect. I assigned an access code on the route and when I dial it I get second dialtone but then I get silence and disconnect
This is my first venture into the Option 11 a sort of trial by fire and I’m starting to get burned. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance