This site allows you to post pictures without the need for an external hosting web storage facility. No pics that violate the TOS rules!

1. Go to photo forum.
2. Select new Image upper left hand corner.
3. Select Image manager
4. Select Choose File, Browse your PC to your pic.
5. Select Add file
6. Select Done adding files
7. Name the post and hit submit.
8. Right click on the picture and select copy.
9. Open full editor and click on the photo icon, next to the smiley face.
10. A box will open asking for the link, paste in your link.
11. To enlarge the photo click on the original picture to get the full image right click to copy and paste the url for the larger picture in step 10
12. Submit your post
13. Drink beer and admire work.

Here are the screen shots of the steps provided by Professor Shadow (Dean) thanks Dean 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

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