We seem to be having an issue just in the last few months where our IP phones are randomly disconnected from the IPU cards. This can happen once a day, or three times a day. CIX670 using various models of IP phones from Toshiba with MIPU16 cards.

We have two cards, each with a different provider (so i doubt it's related to the carrier). The disconnect will happen on either card, at random and everyone on that card is cut off at the same time, the phone reboots and reconnects. Of course, if they are in the middle of a call, they are instantly cut off from that call.

It's become quite an interruption to our workflow at this point. Some have suggested that the solution is a firewall device between the connection and the IPU card. As of right now the connection goes directly to the cards with no firewall or router to an outside IP address. That's the way it was setup by our phone service company originally.

Any help would be appreciated if there's anyone who's seen this or can offer any help.