An hour sounds about right. I never installed them. I disco'd quite a few that NY Tel left behind that were in the way of our installations.

We had one job once, way out on Suffolk County that was in an old mansion. The company I worked for then (1977) had bought the existing cable plant from NY Tel and I was given the job to install a 1A2 system.

"What could be easier?" I was told. "It's a cable buy."

The cable was old color code mounted on all 44a blocks. It would have been faster to rerun the job, except the cable wouldn't have been hidden. I had to figure out the color code, make up amphenol tails to wire to the blocks at the station end and then make up more tails at the head end to the KSU. Of course they hadn't used 25 pair either (I don't remember what the cable count was, but I remember that had to be creative with A1 leads and lamp grounds).

A job and a half.


"Where are we going and why are we in this hand basket?"