Check out our current Cloud Phone System offer!

• Cloud phone setup fee of $50/user waived
• Porting charge of $10/number waived
• $10/user discount for each month of May/June/July 2020 (price is 23.95/user/month discounted to 13.95/user/month)
• Free Microsoft Teams integration until August 2020 (normally $6/user/month)
• Free audio conference bridge for each account until August 2020 (normally $25/month)

Business Case for AtcomCloud:

• Business Cloud phone systems can be turned up in minutes – start placing calls today!
• Local support from staff located in Calgary
• Cloud phone system setup charges waived on COVID-19 discount promotion, saving hundreds of dollars
• $10/user/month COVID-19 discount for May, June, & July of 2020, saving additional hundreds of dollars
• All cloud phone system users include the option of using softphones and an app on their Android or iOS smart phones
• Voicemail to email is included and the cloud system will use best effort to transcribe voice to text in the email body
• Calls can be recorded, if desired
• An Auto Attendant is included in the cloud phone system, along with transfers to cell phones etc.
• There is a web portal to login and change messages, user names, etc.
• This service can be used to activate voice calls from your Microsoft Teams account for a nominal monthly fee
• Potential cost savings over analog lines – North American long distance is included