Philco 38-116

- Inclined Control Panel - No Squat! No Stoop! No Squint!
enables you to tune with ease and grace
- Philco Automatic Tuning - a flick of your fingers and in comes
your favorite station, tuned with absolute accuracy... instantly... perfectly.
- Magnetic Tuning
- Philco High-Fidelity - twice the tonal range of ordinary radios....
for glorious realism..
- Acoustic Clarifiers - prevent "boom"
- Wide Angle Sound Diffusion
- Inclined Sounding Board - brings music up to ear level
- Cathedral Speaker - exclusive Philco two-in-one High Fidelity
- The Philco Foreign Tuning System - with spread band dial..
which doubles the number of foreign stations you can get and enjoy...
assures you mastery of overseas reception...
- Fifteen Philco Tubes and five tuning ranges covering everything
that's interesting on the air. Anti-distortion Beam-Output Tubes...
- Individual and Personal Control of both treble and bass
- Everything you could wish for - in a cabinet of thrilling beauty..
with Protective Back.


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