Hi all,

With most of my attention being given to restoring a 555 cordboard and setting up a working Teletype station, I have sorta let my Telephone collecting go by the way. I realized that something was amiss yesterday evening, after I had mowed three acres in the back of our property, came in and showered, worked on installing the dial on my cordboard, after which I sat on the couch and watched TV. I thought to myself, SELF!, I could be polishing a phone, so I went to my "phone closet" where I keep phones ready to be restored, and alas, found none.

SOOOoooo, here is the thing. I have a 760A speaker in moss green (-52) that I have fully cleaned and polished (though I am still looking for a two conductor green cord). I guess it looks sorta lonely in the "phone display room" (spare bedroom), and needs some siblings of differing colors.

Thus the point of this tragic tale...

If anyone has a 760A external speaker in anything other than moss green that needs a new home, regardless of condition (I can even fix little holes), let me know via e-mail or PM. I need an "end of the day" project to keep me productive until I go to bed so that I won't watch two hours of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (and do nothing).



Real comms took 200lb teletypes, hand keys, sounders, operators and cranked phones!