Here at the school I had reason to create a DSS key that sends calls to a hunt group. Here's how I did it:

-In VMMI, provision a virtual extension. (Programming \ Stations Menu \ Virtual Station Provisioning)

-In VMMI, set the virtual station's extension #, set the forward type to All Calls, set the NRA rings to 1

-In KeyVoice Database Manager, create a routing box matching the virtual extension #. I used a Day / Night service box and set all times to forward to the same destination: Another routing box that picks the right hunt group for callers using the Automated Attendant. Set the greeting to play 1 times, wait 0 sec for digits. Don't record a greeting.

-In VMMI, you can now assign a DSS key to the virtual extension number.

Now, when our admissions director gets a call that's meant for the front office (which happens often because people will call the advertizing phone number instead of the main number) she can simply announce that the caller would be better helped by the office, press the DSS key, and hang up. The caller hears the AA announce "Please hold while your call is transferred to..." and then the call is sent to the office hunt group.

Related topic: If you want to create an "Announcement" DID number, provision a virtual station, and a hunt group. Add the station to the hunt group, and set the hunt group to use its extension as the voicemail ID. Set the DID translation table to send the appropriate number to the hunt group. Then in KeyVoice, create a routing group with the hunt group extension number. Set it for Digit Dialed, and for all digits sent it to the mailbox with the announcement on it. This catches any call type digits the PBX might insert. Set the announcement mailbox to "No transfer", and class of service to not allow messages. Set the After Recording Message to Say Goodbye, this makes the system say "Thank you, Goodbye." after the announcement plays and hang up.

Hopefully someone finds this helpful smile

Jason Perkins
Network Engineer