Jenne has a deal through September of 70% off list for any 3 of the Yealink phones.

I just paid $$$$ each for three T-48g that sell for a lot more.

Nice to have in a home office.

Jenne will set you up with an account and you can save a bunch.

I almost never sell a key system any more.

The commissions I get from hosted Voip are better in the long run than struggling with prices just to sell a system.

My provider charges only for dial tone, no set licenses and I went up against an Allworx system with the customer buying just the phones and getting all the maint. from the voip people. That was like shooting fish in a barrel and every month their lines give me a nice commission and the price is great for the customer.

I started selling 13 line 1A2 panels in 1985, never thought I would give up selling systems, but this is SO easy.

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