Hi, new to the forum and looking for some assistance. I am a diy'er/end user who purchased a used Inter-tel Encore CX with a dozen or so phones for our small business. Long story short, in setting up the system the programming ext was disconnected in error. Yeah, I know, beat me with a stick. I was a low voltage tech in a previous career so I know how to poke around stuff . For example, when I got the system ( it was used ) all the programming was password protected and I had no way to find out that password. I took the unit apart, drained the large cap on the main board and that restored the factory defaults. I tried that in this situation but without success. Is there any other way to return the unit ( and all extensions) to original settings. Once I can get back into the system programming, i will be golden. I do have the software disc that came with the unit but have not had any success in talking to the unit from my pc. I did notice some jumpers ( 4 in all, I believe) on the main board, can they help? Any assistance or advice that can be offered would be a great help, Thank you.Patrick