I installed a xts-ip with a voip card some time ago. Programmed everything through the phone, cut the system over and was about to leave when the customer started noticing that the keys on the phones weren't working right. check the programming and the keys had been defaulted on some of the phones. I reprogrammed the keys and some of the phones still had key issues. The voip card was plugged into the system but not attached to the network. backed out the voip card and the system has been fine since.

The other day, I helped with a xts-ip system with a t-1 card in it. Programmed through the phone, cut the system over and started testing, t-1 card was in the system but not attached to anything. No loop back on the card. Started noticeing that the phones keys were disappearing. Defaulted theh system, reprogrammed and backed out the t-1. So far everything seems to be ok.

Has anyone else had this type of problem with the xts-ip system? Seems if there is a digital cirsuit card in and not connected to what it should be connected to, it causes corruption in the database.

Thanks in your reply