Having worked in a Central Office environment, I can appreciate using pre-terminated cables to make connections. It was rare for jumpers to be bad out of the package. Having said that, jumpers of varied lengths and terminations were kept in stock to reduce the chances of needing to store excess in overhead or underfloor cable troughs.

If I remember correctly, Tellabs ONTs have a compartment in the back to store excess slack. Seems like someone wasn't keeping an eye on inventory levels at that particular shop

At Global Crossing, we tried to avoid having excessive stock levels lying around, but, we had to have a selection of jumpers on hand to keep from being caught short. At Level 3, the primary OPS building I worked at stocked a much larger supply (simply because that office was much larger than the old GC office, and, jumpers were being run left & right for company as well as co-lo customer connections).

For this particular issue, I'll keep hounding Verizon with new tickets until the splice case and tail loop are taken care of.