This may have to happen quickly.

I just got word that the place I used to work at is pulling out their GTE 10A2 phone system and putting in some new VOIP stuff. I'm concerned that they are just going to throw it all in the trash.

There is the main KSU with about 10 line cards and the intercom cards (pulse/tone) and whatever else it needs to work including the chime and talkback intercom though it wasn't all 100% working, call it 90%. About ten of the 20 button phones (all very worn as they are decades old. Some of the intercom modules in the phones have died over the years so I wired in little audio amplifiers to make the chime sound).

I will hopefully hear tomorrow if they have plans for this stuff or how much they would want for it. is anyone here interested in it? The system is located in central Nebraska, you would have to arrange with them to pick it up or have it shipped as I am no longer working for the company.

If you could use this stuff, send me an email (quickly) and if there is interest, I will let them know and we will see how it plays out.


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