I’m working on this project, adding external (4) wire Valcom paging speakers V1030C to an existing 2 wire 70V paging system

The reason I went with the Valcom paging speakers is because I thought I would overload the existing 240 W amplifier

We are using the Algo 8301 interface

I am also using a V1095 adapter for my audio input into the Valcom speakers

Paging from the phones sounds fine

They play a song every morning that seems to be OK

They have bells that play periodically as classes change

There is one particular bell, that when they play it, it cuts out the just external speakers

I just have a question about the existing amplifier. It’s a TOA 724 it’s probably about 15 years old

Everything seem to be OK before they upgraded to their hosted phone system and using the Algo 8301

The volume on the master control on the amp is almost at 10 and we are currently using input one and that’s pretty high up as well almost at 10

The outside speakers sound OK but the inside speakers seem low

At one point we were using the AUX out from Algo to Input 7 on TOA (RCA) the inside speakers seemed fine and the Valcom speakers were cutting out (when bell would play)

We recently changed it to the line out on the Algo going to the input 1 on the TOA

Do amplifiers go bad ? Where they just sound too low

What would be another amplifier to replace this one if that was to happen?