Scenario, I have a customer that has a 308 UNISYN system. It died, and I bought a refurbed unit and got everything working again except one issue.
They have a fax, and an answering set installed--the answering is plugged into the ext port of the fax machine. the fax is set at TAD - The fax uses IST port 14 ext 14 and has the 3rd hunting line in the system pointing as an answer point for ext 14 as well as the main number for the answering set - They have a night rining button that directs line 1 main line, and line3 fax line to ext 14 - when testing this the fax picks up when a fax is sent after hearing the CHG tone, the ext 14 light on a nearby set shows ext 14 lit and after a few secs that light goes out the fax says receiving but never does get the fax-- when testing an incoming call to the main line the answering set answers fine and the fax not hearing the CNG tone keeps quite--
We tested the fax by wiring the line in directly to the fax anyone, and it works fine--Any settings that I am missing f

Wayne L