We have a customer with a fairly large XTS that has a networked XTSc at another location down the street. The PRI is delivered between sites using Verizon's copper cable. This circuit goes out quite frequently and for ten years, Verizon always played the "must be something wrong with your equipment" game each time we would call them to restore the circuit. They finally stopped blaming us, but they also said that there's no chance of them bringing the circuit over there besides their 50 pair copper. No other service providers are willing to install or implement a point to point circuit, so the customer came to me seeking options.

They do have data connectivity using Comcast COAX IP and it works very well to the best of the customer's knowledge. I immediately thought about connecting them with IP rather than a PRI. Since all networking tables are already in place and working, and both systems have the required networking, shouldn't I be able to just change out the PRI cards with VoIP cards and just go that way? I can't think of a reason why not, but I don't want to say anything yet until I'm 100% sure it can be accomplished.

I've seen similar installations where they had Cox Communications build a private network among seven sites using their "Metro-E" product. I don't believe that Comcast offers anything comparable.

Any ideas, suggestions or warnings?