Hello all,

I just removed an Nitsuko (NEC) 28i KSU from a friend's office space. The model number is DX2NA-24 and has the 24CPRU CPU, 8DSTU 8-digital station, and 4ATRU 4-analog trunk cards. I'd love to experiment with this system for home use, and use it to hookup my collection of old rotary analog phones to each other, and to a VoIP phone interface.

A few questions:

Will this system work with pulse dialing?

Does anyone have a copy of the programming software for this unit they could share with me? I can't seem to find it anywhere online.

Also looking for a couple of 4ASTU 4-station analog cards, and a single digital phone with display that will work with this KSU. I'll gladly pay for shipping to get them out of your closet!

Thanks for your help!