A few months ago I started a new position at a hospital with several locations, the main campus and some others using both VoIP and Aastra Intecom PBX. The programming is CLI via PuTTY. I've heard of Aastra VoIP phones, but didn't realize they had an older TDM PBX.I believe Aastra was acquired by Mitel. Some of the Aastra and Mitel phones we have look identical. There's very little information out there about the Intecom PBX. The digital phones are 4 wire! Whenever I search on 'Intecom', Google will ask 'Did you mean Intercom?'

It looks to be around the same vintage of the multi-node Rolm 9751, with nodes and cabinets linked by fiber. The main system and other cabinets are typical housings with 24 channel analog or 36 channel digital cards, while other remote cabinets could be the typical cabinet with cards, or 2 or so U high interfaces in 19" racks. Seemed iike a very practical system for it's time. Other cabinets (I was corrected when referring to them as nodes) are located in towns up to 45 minutes away, I don't know how those are linked. The guy who maintains the system at the main hospital showed me backup media. It appeared to be DVD-RWs.

Has anyone heard of or worked on these systems?