Here's how to get the Yealink W53P SIP DECT cordless phone to receive Allworx pages. These instruction might be a bit cryptic but should point you in the right direction
* Log into W60B base using default creds: admin admin
* Go to Accounts > Codecs > Make sure PCMU and G729 are the only enabled codecs
* Go to Accounts > Register > Account 1 and set the following fields:
* Line Active = Enabled
* Display Name = Enter desired description such as 'Cordless 110'
* Register Name = Enter Allworx 'Login ID' from 3rd party handset
* User Name = Enter Allworx 'User ID' from 3rd party handset
* Password = Enter Allworx 3rd party handset password
* Server Host = Enter IP of Allworx PBx
* Go to Directory > Multicast IP > Multicast Listening
* 1st IP address = Label = Description for this page zone > Channel = 0
* Go to Settings > Configuration > Export CFG Configuration File > Non-Static Settings > Export the file to your computer > Open with Notepad and add the following line to the bottom of the file:
multicast.receive.use_speaerk = 1
Save the file > Go to settings > Configuration > Import CFG Configuration > Browse > Import

Your Yealink phone will now be included in the Allworx All Page group; e.g 460

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