We have a Merlin Mail Voice Messaging System Release 3 that has sporadic problems answering calls. It will work fine and then I'll get a call on my cell phone from my wife saying she's tried to call me for the last 10 minutes and the system did not answer, it just keeps ringing.

I think this problem occurs when we have all lines on the system in use at the same time. We should have enough lines for the amount of calls we recieve.

I've noticed that if I call in and hang up during the auto attendant's message, the call will not drop, and then it gets transfered to the call answer service operator, who picks it up and gets an annoying busy tone. When the operator hangs up, it gets disconnected, but it should be disconnected long before it gets transferred.

Can anyone help me out? I am willing to pay to get this fixed. I am a computer techie but not a phone guy.



PM me for a phone # if you can fix this.