OK, I know it's old, but I'm perfectly happy with it for the most part. Besides, I'm a telephone man, not a cell phone man, hence the reason for coming here seeking assistance.

My "phone" is becoming increasingly slow, both in opening apps and even when texting. I often have to close the text and reopen it to continue typing my message. I'm not sure if this is a case of the thing just being worn out or if it's a case of the "phone's" resources (memory) being tapped out.

I'm also finding more and more apps, for example my mobile banking app, which requires me to update it. Unfortunately, it only runs on iOS13.0 and higher. This isn't the only app that is doing this. I've tried to update the iOS, but it will only go up to 12.5 5.

I know that there is a reset function, which I would like to assume that it's similar to scandisk/defrag on a PC. Something tells me that Apple's definition of the word 'reset' means wiping it out and starting over. I'm not about to risk it without some guidance.

Can anyone offer me any assistance here or is it time to buy another "phone"?