Posted By: EV607797 Need help with my iPhone 6S - 07/23/22 05:18 AM
OK, I know it's old, but I'm perfectly happy with it for the most part. Besides, I'm a telephone man, not a cell phone man, hence the reason for coming here seeking assistance.

My "phone" is becoming increasingly slow, both in opening apps and even when texting. I often have to close the text and reopen it to continue typing my message. I'm not sure if this is a case of the thing just being worn out or if it's a case of the "phone's" resources (memory) being tapped out.

I'm also finding more and more apps, for example my mobile banking app, which requires me to update it. Unfortunately, it only runs on iOS13.0 and higher. This isn't the only app that is doing this. I've tried to update the iOS, but it will only go up to 12.5 5.

I know that there is a reset function, which I would like to assume that it's similar to scandisk/defrag on a PC. Something tells me that Apple's definition of the word 'reset' means wiping it out and starting over. I'm not about to risk it without some guidance.

Can anyone offer me any assistance here or is it time to buy another "phone"?
Posted By: Professor Shadow Re: Need help with my iPhone 6S - 07/23/22 10:08 PM
Perhaps this?
Posted By: EV607797 Re: Need help with my iPhone 6S - 07/23/22 11:03 PM
Thanks, Dean. That appears be the direction in which I should be heading, but this link is for issues with iOS6, but I'm at 12.5.5 now. I don't want to make any assumptions, as you already know with these kinds of things. I'll explore this link's resources and see if there's something available that is more specific to my situation. Many thanks again for the info.
Posted By: Professor Shadow Re: Need help with my iPhone 6S - 07/24/22 03:55 PM
I Googled the phone model, rather than the OS.
Posted By: EV607797 Re: Need help with my iPhone 6S - 07/25/22 08:32 AM
I went ahead and did what the link said anyway, figuring that it couldn't get any worse. I had also Googled, etc., but the word 'reset' was mentioned everywhere and it just intimidated me. Apple's definition of the word isn't the same as what we phone people know it to mean. It turns out that the instructions really are more specific to the iPhone family itself, and not the model, version or software, so it worked out. It's not perfect, but it's working a whole lot better than before. I now know that one of the issues that I'm having has to do with the screen itself. That said, I'll probably just get a new phone.

One important note for others who may view this: Although they warn you about having to adjust your settings and reset ALL of your passwords, etc., I didn't realize just how many things that I had changed over the years. It took me a good while to get it back to where I wanted it. At least with this fix, I can shop at my leisure and not rush. Thanks again for the link.
Posted By: BTS01 Re: Need help with my iPhone 6S - 08/01/22 02:31 PM

I think once you go past the Iphone 8, they change quite a bit. I am sticking with it for as long as possible, just for the home "button".
Posted By: Carl Navarro Re: Need help with my iPhone 6S - 08/02/22 01:39 PM
When my 6s got slower I went to the 2022 SE. It has no headphone jack but it seems to perform as well as my 6 and it has much stronger battery life. Plus it was affordable. $479 or so for the 128G.

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