In case anyone need it.

I have all the software and documents for Sprint Protege 32, 616, CTX/MTX/LTX.

Also all the documentation for Sprint Protege Voice and Sprint Digital Voice*^

*The digital voice also preset integrations for:

Lucent Partner ACS
Lucent Merlin Legend
Lucent Partner Plus
Lucent Partner II
Mitel SX-50
Mitel SX-200/SX-200D/SX-2000
Electra Pro II
Electra Pro I
Toshiba Strata DK 8/16
Toshiba Strata DK 24/56/96
Toshiba Strata DK280
Panasonic DBS
Panasonic KXTD-1232
Panasonic KXT-1232
Prostar DCS.
Fujitsu Altura
Norstar with Calista PBXLink
Mitel with Calista PBXLink

as well as Generic

^2-port and 4-port


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