This must be my year for ECS/VM issues! I have an ECS, that I upgraded from a VS, that will not light MW lights. I installed their VS-VML on a VMAC and it is installed in slot 1 of the ECS. I made the required programming changes in the VS-VML to accommodate the ECS trunk numbering and such. Everything works fine, but no MW lights. I've changed key patterns to use a specific MBOX key (instead of 0), still nothing. I know that if you have more than one MBOX 0 key assigned to a key pattern, it can be a problem...but I've checked the key pattern (without a template) to verify this isn't the issue. The VS-VML lit the lamps last week when it was installed in the VS.

Is there a way to manually use the MW on/off code (519ext) to check the signalling/lamps? In my office ECS, if I attempt to dial 519ext, I get a busy. I thought the feature codes worked on any type of station (not just SLT). I can dial *ext and get a VM box, but can't dial 519ext to light a lamp.