Everything stated at this point is highly accurate and definitely on topic... laugh :

I have seen these used in "butt" splices in pedestals...a mess is a polite way to say it.

Around here the local Bell cable techs carried a 25' cable stub with 1/2 of the "stick" on each end. They came in 25 and 50 pair setups. Supposed to speed things up....

Setting up on the strand was the original set up. A Mr. Copus (co-Puss) with United Telephone used the bar and slider from a Pic-a-bond tool to set it up in manholes (got a patent on it) and with "feet" to jam into the dirt in a ditch. His "adapter" cost almost as much as the tool. He then sold a ton of them to United Tel ... then retired laugh : I knew Don and that is another story for a cold long winter night.