OK...a little question about VM

Our Chamber of Commerce office is using a Legend system. It's way overkill for them (it's a 2-person office), but I donated the unit, so they couldn't beat the price. They get a lot of calls that should be directed to the mayors office, the library, the public works department, you name it. They like to hit transfer, dial "9" + the number and hang up. That means they are tying up two lines on a call that isn't even for them. In fact, this two-person office has kept 5 lines because this happens so often.

If they plug in a POTS phone to their line, they can use a centrex style hookswitch flash along with a *xx code to transfer the call, and it doesn't tie up one much less two lines.

So the question is: If I pop in a 007MLM card, can it be programmed to transfer calls via the hookswitch method, so they could drop a couple of lines, or do they need to keep five lines?

Remember guys, I'm pretty much a Legend newbie--be nice! help

Dylan. SATUBAW (Some American techs use BIX as well)!